Luxor Temple – Small but nice


Luxor: an open-air museum

Luxor: an open-air museum

In the South of Cairo is the Egyptian paradise of monuments. Born from the ruins of Thebes, Luxor houses from the Karnak complex of temples, which is similar to a fort, and the oldest religious centre in the world, to the Valley of the Queens, where the tombs of 80 men and women from Ancient Egypt may be found. Beautiful hotels, built at the site, make Luxor into a city of the present and past.


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Luxor, Egypt Shopping Bazarr



just some of our Egypt photos from our many trips from Luxor to Aswan on the Commodore one of the presidential Nile cruise boats and stay at the sheraton

Balloon Flight in Luxor temple, Luxor, Egypt.

alloon Flight over Luxor temple, Luxor, Egypt
Piloting by Sancho Gonzalez Green

Downtown Luxor Egypt

It was prayer time whilst window shopping in Downtown Luxor Egyp