History of Ancient Egypt 3000 B.C.

History of Ancient Egypt 3000 B.C.


pyramids, pre egypt, ancient egyption, transformer

pyramids, pre egypt, ancient civilization, transformer

fantastic impressions of a Nile travel. The landscape pulls the planting world in a fantastic gesture on the ship pulls past as unreal in an artificial 3d animation surreal on the viewer by and leaves the feeling in another world on another planet to have been. saw much-calibrated pharaoh with similar eyes. Watching the Riverbanks in a new way, seeing Plants and moving like in a dream World. Surreal impressions of a desire-end landscape. As pharaoh it must have seen. And you only with a certain light can recognize it.Beautiful wondrous bananatrees palms in a wished country. Art film to borders the reality. – nileview
phantastische Eindrücke einer Nilfahrt. Die Landschaft zieht in einer traumhaften geste am schiff vorbei. die pflanzenwelt zieht wie in einer künstlichen 3d animation unwirklich surreal an dem betrachter vorbei und hinterläßt das gefühl in einer anderen welt auf einem anderen planeten gewesen zu sein . vieleicht sah der pharaoh das mit ähnlichen augen.
Regie Rainer Hansmeyer

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Egypt Tribute Part 2 (final)

Tribute to (Ancient) Egypt and it’s wonderful monuments. Part 2 and final part.

A new kind of counterculture is emerging around the unexpected discoveries of a small but growing circle of scientists, authors and researchers. The focal point of this counterculture centers on an alternative interpretation of ancient Egypt –
not as mankind’s earliest attempts at primitive civilization, but as a fully developed, and inexplicably advanced culture, who’s scientific and metaphysical achievements we are only beginning to fully appreciate.

A growing body of evidence is suggesting a missing chapter in human history. Symbolist author and Egyptologist John Anthony West explores evidence of a sophisticated science behind the unexplainable accomplishments of Ancient Egypt.

Was ancient Egypt the inheritor of a body of scientific and spiritual knowledge from an even earlier civilization?